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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Homemade Yogurt 

 1. Get utensils: pot, mixing spoon, measuring spoon, thermometer, Yogotherm.

 2. Get ingredients: 1/2 gal 2% milk, 1/4 C powdered milk,1/8 teas. Yogurt culture (from

 3. Bring 2% milk to 100 degrees F

 4. Add 1/4 C powdered milk

 5. Bring milk to 185 degrees F and keep there for 30 minutes. Can create a water bath in si k and keep at 185 by pouring boiling water as needed. I didnt do this and had a very hard time keeping at 185 but not boiling. This batch had a couple problems. I also added culture here when I was not supposed to just yet.

 6. After 30 minutes let milk cool to 115 degrees F.

7. Add 1/8 teas. yogurt culture (freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria-mild for me) after milk has cooled. For this batch, I actually added it twice because of having added it too early and the milk getting too hot.

8. Pour into Yogotherm to let lactic acid bacteria work. Leave in Yogotherm for 8 hours.

 9. Transfer yogurt from Yogotherm to refrigerator. Keeps 1-2 weeks.

 10. Add fruit and cereal and enjoy. This batch did not have sweetener added and I did need ti add sweetener as it was quite tart. Not as good as my favorite greek yorgurts, but maybe it will be better if I don't make the same mistakes next time.


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