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Monday, July 06, 2009

Batch #7 (Oops)

I made batch 7 with LW Dairy milk again. It was milk from last Wednesday, but still a week away from its "Best if used by" date. We also had 1 1/2 C less than 2 gallons of milk so I tried to adjust the citric acid and rennet amounts. I also put a bowl of cold water in the refrigerator so that I would have it for when the cheese was formed. The curd didn't look like it was formed, but it was a little so I started to cut it. When I cut the curd, it was actually formed better than it was for batch 6. I heated it back up to 110 and then turned off the heat and got ready to pour off the whey. I started and then realized that I needed to wait a few minutes before pouring. I stopped and waited, but not really in time and I still lost a fair amount of curd to the cheese cloth. I don't know why I'm forgetting this step, other than I've gotten excited about the curd that I have. I am still struggling with how to get salt into the cheese. I was able to get many small strings of cheese. This cheese tastes more smooth and creamy than the other batches have. It looks like string cheese and Tajenay tried it and liked it a little. I'd better keep trying... I guess! 7/29/09 ~ This batch and batch 6 did not store well at all. The "strings" melted together into a large mass in the container and didn't taste any better than they looked.