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Friday, June 19, 2009

Batch #4 is best so far

It looks like string cheese and it tastes like string cheese. The only problem with this batch is the low yield. Due to my excitement at curds and whey after only 5 minutes, I wasn't quite ready to get the whey poured off. I started to pour and a few curds went with the whey. Then, I poured the whole mixture into my cheese cloth lined colander. But, the four layers (I didn't think this would matter) of cheese cloth kept the whey from escaping and some of the curd stuck to the cloth. By the time I got the cheese cloth pulled apart so the whey could escape, the curd had started to melt and was sticking to the cloth pretty tight. It just wasn't a clean separation. I put 1/4 C. of salt in the whey I poured off and used this for my hot water bath. The gloves I bought worked great and I was able to knead and stretch the cheese in and out of the hot water bath pretty easily. I stretched and folded the cheese about 4-5 times and then started stretching into the strings and placing on our sycamore cutting board. Very pretty string cheese this time and tasty too thanks to the salt.

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