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Monday, July 06, 2009

VERY STRINGY Cheese ~ Batch #6

1:47 pm Dissolved 1/4 tablet rennet in 1/4 C water 1:47 Dissolved 1 1/2 t citric acid in 1 C water 1:55 Poured 1 Gal Blue Marble Whole milk (Sell by date 7/10) in pot 1:56 Added dissolved citric acid to milk and started heating to 90 degrees 2:03 Temperature of milk at 90 degrees. Turned off heat, added dissolved rennet, and covered. 2:08 Check curd. Excellent separation of curd and whey. 2:09 Cut curd. 2:10 Slowly stir curd while bring back up to 110 degrees. The curd started to melt and stick to each other. 2:12 Poured curds and whey into cheese cloth lined colander. The curds stuck to the cheese cloth right away. Difficult to get the whey to drain off. 2:15 Continued trying to squeeze the whey out. Lots of curd stuck to cloth, but rest of cheese was very easy to work with and was stringy almost from the start. 2:25 Have very stringy cheese with mild flavor. I think that I stirred too long after getting curd. The curds started melting together. Then, they stick to cheese cloth. Lots of stringy pieces, almost too stringy.

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