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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Batch #8

Batch 8 went very well. I used "Farmers Creamery" ORGANIC Whole milk that had a "Sell by" date of 8/7/9. There was very nice curd after only five minutes. I cut the curd easily and reheated to 110 degrees. I even remembered to cool and stir slowly for 2-5 minutes. I had a cold water bath waiting for when I was done stretching the curd. I folded the curd about five times in and out of the hot whey bath. It was working well and getting shiny. It was kind of smooth, but little tears kept it from being really smooth. I was worried that more folding would make this happen more, so I stopped folding and added some salt and started stretching. It mostly worked well, but the splitting along the sides kept happening. It seemed salty enough until I put it back in the cold water. That seemed to water the cheese down. So, I won't do that again. Tajenay liked it enough to eat a whole piece. Not quite good enough to be real proud of, but good enough that all 13 ounces of yield have been eaten.

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